Heritage’s 2-million-acre Palliser Block is its most opportunity-rich area, with the Mannville Group being the Block’s core play. Lying at approximately 900-1,300 metres depth, it offers tight sands amenable to development with horizontal drilling/multi-stage fracturing in stacked zones, including the Upper Mannville, Glauconitic, Ellerslie, Ostracod, Basal Quartz and Detrital.

Technical evaluation suggests there are over 2,500 drillable Mannville locations on the Palliser Block alone. Our Mannville type curves meet or exceed type curves from other leading plays, including the Viking and Cardium, and offer payout periods and internal rates of return highly competitive with other mainstream plays.

Below Mannville-aged reservoirs, Heritage believes large exploration potential exists in the older Banff, Pekisko and Nisku formations. To see any current opportunities, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

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