Heritage Royalty has a large holding of 100 percent-owned mineral rights across the three Prairie provinces, and we are looking for qualified E&P companies that want to drill. We want our royalty interest production to grow by accelerating development of our mineral lands.

A significant amount of Heritage’s 4.8 million acres of freehold lands is available for lease, including large contiguous areas with large-scale, multi-zone resource potential that are under-explored or entirely undrilled. E&P companies can assemble large exploration and development areas at 100 percent working interest on our lands.

As an experienced Lessor with royalty interest production of approximately 13,000 boe per day, we work with private and public companies of all sizes, from start-ups, through to juniors and intermediates, to large independents and multinationals.

We are attentive to the needs of our Lessees and our in-house land negotiations team seeks to negotiate lease terms that work for both parties. Our technical team has extensive experience in the geographical areas and geological zones covered by our mineral titles. We believe the technical support we offer our Lessees differentiates us in the royalty sector.

We have structured our terms and conditions to incentivize drilling and production growth so that we can forge long-term relationships with our Lessees. Our lease and royalty structure and terms are described in this group of pages. Heritage also has a large, high-quality database of 2D and 3D seismic covering much of its lands.

You may look for Heritage’s advertised opportunities in the Daily Oil Bulletin and the BOE Report, and we are also open to unsolicited lease offers. We are interested in serious inquiries that include financial strength, a qualified management team, a corporate presentation and, preferably, a track record of existing production and operations.